Friday, August 3, 2012

Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 29

I have made it to the first Friday of August!   How am I going to celebrate?  With Jennifer over at Conversion Diary, of course!  It is time for another 7QTF.

-- 1 --

I have been MIA from this blog as of late.   It seems that every time I have wanted to jot down a few things, life has gotten in the way.  Life, among other things,  is still getting in the way, but I thought I'd squeeze in a little bloggy time this week.

-- 2 --

This summer, I attended one of two family reunions that my extended family held.  I attended the one for my father's side of the family down the Jersey Shore with my parents and the kiddos.  Anthony would have loved to attend, but he still isn't up for these kind of events post surgery.

The reunion was held at a Y camp and the kids were able to go swimming, pitch horseshoes, play wiffle ball, and tee up some mini-golf.  Even a pink princess pinata made an appearance!  I was exhausted by the end of the day, but it was well worth it to catch up with my cousins that I haven't seen in a year or so!

-- 3 --

Because of Ant's recovery, we were not able to attend the other family reunion for my mom's side of the family in Minnesota.  But, Marty was able to attend with my parents.  They spent a week in Brainerd on a lake with extended family.  My city kid was able to fish, catch frogs, and chase fireflies with all of his cousins for about a week.  I guess my country upbringing is rubbing off on him!

-- 4 --

I think this has been one of the most restful summers that I've had in quite a while.  It is my third summer that I have opted not to work and I'm getting the hang of this "summers off" thing.

-- 5 --

The only negative thing so far about the summer has been not getting into the swing of things in terms of sleep.  My little princess is a great sleeper, but for some reason I am having an awful time trying to get a solid night's rest.  My next remedy attempt will be using lavender...

-- 6 --

Since the weather has been either a heat wave or rough storms and I've been sitting at Ant's P/T appointments three times a week, I have rekindled my love affair with Pinterest.  Are you as addicted as I am?

-- 7 --

And shockingly enough...we are almost done with Halloween costumes! 

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